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Corporate Social Responsibility

Persis Mind Explorer visits Tavaana Disability Association and Firouz Factory

There are only few people in society who has the courage to break the norms, and they are the ones who make changes in society. Mohammad Mousavi, despite having physical impairment, is one of those people who under difficult economical situation in Iran have made a great positive impact. He has employed more than 600 people with range of handicaps disabilities in Firouz factory, a producer of hygienic products such as shampoo, soap, body shower, etc.

According to the factory manager, more than 92% of the workers of the factory are disabled who are employed in different work stations in accordance to their abilities. For example, workers with hearing impairment are used in extremely noisy stations. Making the production line as automated as possible is not a virtue so that more disabled workers can be employed. The first priority of the company is not profitability but to create jobs for the disabled. It, therefore, challenges the classical theory of production management. Human recourse management is the key where they have revisited processes to enable workers. Trainings have been replaced for rehabilitation programs. According to Mousavi, he has a message for society, for governors, and for the disabled themselves.