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Training Trips

Our one-week training trips are to provide on-the-site learning in an international atmosphere. That is a package which includes visits to successful and international firms and companies in Europe, get trained on the site, and get entertained at the same time. We organize training trips for managers, directors, and leaders of companies in Iran. Our objective is that every participant has a valuable and wonderful experience that can leads to inspirations for growth.

Benefits for managers:

  • be inspired and learn by observation on site visits
  • benchmark their company against best practices
  • have the chance for face-to-face meetings with international managers
  • have the chance to discuss opportunities for possible B2B cooperation

Benefits for companies:

  • promote your company brand
  • opportunities for B2B mutual collaborations
  • opportunities to enter Iranian market
  • compensation of the costs

Gorenje - Production Workstation

Tourist Mine and Museum - Slovania