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International Business &Trade Development Seminar, 20 October, 2016
International Business &Trade Development Seminar, 20 October, 2016

Persis Mind Explorer proudly held its first international seminar titled International Business & Trade Development Seminar on October 20,2016 at National Library Auditorium with the presence of internal and international managers and speakers. Professor Poul Wathne and Adel Sadek from Denmark and internal teachers such as Dr.Rahim mohtaram and representatives of the French company named Montesquieu attended this seminar as speakers.

At the beginning of the seminar Dr.Ali Mosavi, CEO of the company, introduced Persis Mind Explorer and also the seminar. He then briefed an overview of  internal and external challenges of exporting good and services in Iran meanwhile he said the focus of the seminar is on business enablers.

Then, prof.Poul started his speech with (by simultanous translation) about Iran-Denmark deligation. He then continued houw to develop a joint venture as mutual business capacity between Danish and Iranian industries. Then the audience asked their questions.

Afterwards, Mr.Adel Sadek came on the stage and talked about advantages and discrepancies of outsourcing and purchasing and He also stated how to implement a successful outsourcing process?

Mr.Reza Motevalli from Iranian Office, examined the saffron for export to Europe markets and explained its phases as a case study.

After lunch, Dr.Rahim Mohtaram offered important elements about dos and don'ts of international sales and buying contracts. He opened the business law aspect of international contracts.

Then, Prof.Poul Wathne, came on the stage agian to provide the second part of his speech which was about franchising and internationalisation.

Eventually, Adel Sadek presented the second part of his speech which was about China and India business culture differences.

Just before closing the seminar, a lottery was carried out among participants with the support of Nasr Javid Vira Consulting Inc. and 5 gift cards were awarded to 5 audience for a total amount of 10.000.000 Rls.

After awarding the gifts the audience and the professors and the Persis Explorer personnels took photoes to record memories.





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